South America

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The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal was only a dream for at least 400 years. Until the Americans did it, they were building a canal! This heped everyone who goes from florida to california, because it would cut off at least three months off of their journey. This took a very long ten years to complete. The Panama Canal is a lock and lake canal, which means it has different elavations to go through.

Toucan Trouble

Toco Toucans are the largest toucan in the Amazon Rainforest, and they are endangered. They are being affected by deforestation in many ways. First, they build nests in the trees and when a tree is knocked down their home is destroyed. If one of the toucans escape, they won't survive alone because they stay in there flock and depend on each other. Also they can't reproduce as fast as they are dying.
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Air pollution in Mexico city

Air pollution is mostly caused by the large numbers of cars in the city. But what makes it even worse is the Sierra Mandre Mountains trap the pollution in. Thus trapping all the pollution and stacking it together. One of the solutions is the government makes everyone take a hike to work every day. The government is doing many other things to help the pollution.