When you start singing at a young age you might or might not sing when your like 16 to 17. When you sing you have to drop the jaw and make more space in the back of your mouth. When your in your room close your door and try it.DONT NOT try to people songs they way they sing it i'm saying don't try to sing like them thats when you sound bad.When you sing people songs you do it in your own voice.And if you know you cant hit a high note don't try cause if you strain your voice it can mess it up not for like but for a little while.If it a high note just sing it low not high.But sing every time you have the chance.And then you can join the school choir if not church thats when you can learn how to sing.It will take a couple mouths to make improve your voiceThen record your self singing so you can use to what your voice gonna sound like when you sing.And if feel good with your voice.Try singing around people like friends and family.And if you sing and people say you cant don't give up keep singing cause when you get older in 16 17 trust me you will get it but don't stop keep doing it.It will be some people tell you you can.My mom say i cant but i still try everyday no matter what they say don't let them people bring you down keep your head up.I'ts gonna be people who dont like your voice when they tell just say thats your fault and dont try to sing Tamar Braxton,Beyonce,Whitney Houston,Adele,casue you poblem whont hit the note have a nice day.