Infinite Campus

Resources for Parents to Get Started

New User


1. Copy the parent activation code first from the email you received, then click this link to the Bedford Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

2. Click the blue Parent button.
3. Click New User at the very bottom of the login screen.
4. Paste the parent activation key into the box and proceed with setting up your username and password.

Please note that if you choose to use a different email for your security email, then you need to make a note of that email as it will be the one to enter if you forget your email or want to update your account profile.

If you do not have an activation key, please contact your school's office to obtain one. Infinite Campus does not have this information.

Logging In


The Campus Student and Campus Parent apps provide the same tools as the browser version, with the benefit of the option to Stay Logged In and receive push notifications.

1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play
2. Search for your District Name and State. Select your district from the list
3. Enter your Username and Password, provided by your school
4. If using a secure, private device, mark Stay Logged In to receive mobile push notifications, if enabled by your school
5. Click Log In button.


1. Visit Bedford Infinite Campus Portal and click Campus Parent button.
2. Enter the Username and Password that you set up when creating your account.
3. Click Log In button.

Tabs Available in Parent Portal

Message Center

The Message Center includes announcements are posted at a school or district level. Click Show More to display additional text for longer announcements. Announcements display based on the timeline set by the creator and cannot be deleted or archived.

Additionally, the Inbox may displays messages sent to the parent via email, including those from teachers.


The Today view shows the selected student's schedule for the current day.

The schedule shows the times of the periods during the day and the student's courses, with the teacher's name and room assigned.


The Calendar displays data in two different modes-Schedule, and Attendance.

For Attendance, dots display below dates that have data. Select a mode and date to view data for that day.


The Grades tab shows report card grades for the selected student.

Show grades for a single term or for the whole year by selecting an option at the top.



Fees will list any school, course, or program fees or fines that are assigned to your student. Click the > to reveal more specific information about the specific fee. Filter by school year as well as paid or unpaid fees.

All payments will be made online at RevTrak by selecting the appropriate school or department. Payments made in Revtrak take time to be updated and reflected as paid in Infinite Campus.


The Attendance tool lists the absences and tardies for attendance taking periods in the selected term. Navigate between terms using the options at the top.

Click on a period to view details. On the detail view, absences and tardies are divided by type (excused, unexcused, exempt, or unknown), with all absences and tardies listed below.


The Schedule tool shows the student's schedule for each term, including any day rotations. Schedules are shown for all the whole year, all terms, and all of the student's enrollments.

Each schedule includes the times of the periods during the day and the student's courses, with the teacher's name and room assigned. If a day rotation is in place, the day is indicated in the top right corner of the schedule. Click on the course name to view.


The Documents tool collects files relevant to the student - a PDF version of the student's schedule, report cards and transcripts.


The More tab displays the following:

  • Address Information for the student's household(s).
  • Assessments that list the student's test scores for state, national and district tests.
  • Demographics information for the student and any non-household relationships.
  • Lockers assigned to the student with locations and combinations.
  • Important Dates such as holidays, late starts, and other school calendar events.

Username & Password Issues


You can visit Campus Student or Campus Parent (Web Portal or Mobile App) and click “Forgot your password/username." You will need to enter the security email address you set up when creating your account to receive your password reset.


If you have failed to enter your username and password correctly, after a few missed attempts you will see a CAPTCHA. Simply log into Campus Student or Campus Parent using the Web Portal or Mobile App. Enter your username, password, and CAPTCHA to gain access.