Weekly Launch

March 18-22


Tuesday is a benchmark day for 3rd and 4th. Please be mindful of the noise in the hallway! Also, please remember that the computer lab will be closed at the beginning of the week for TELPAS and benchmark testing. The hallways near the lab will need to be quiet also.

We are hopeful that we will have the STAAR powerpoint for STAAR training by Wednesday. If we don't, we will let that be a collaboration Wednesday. March 27th has already been designated as the TELPAS writing rating party. Wednesday, April 3rd would have to be our STAAR training. It is cutting it close to STAAR so we are going to hope we have it for Wednesday!

Please work on finishing the year strong with communication with parents. Make sure you have reached out to all parents of students who are not making adequate progress before they get their report card. Also, make sure your peeks are going home weekly and that they include what you are teaching for the upcoming week. We are doing a great job with this but parents are still saying on surveys that they want more communication :0)

Important Dates

March 18-

5th grade picture taken

2nd grade listening/speaking tutorial-12:05 pm-computer lab closed


Watch DOG-Mr. Cousins/Caroline/Joiner-Music

March 19-

3rd/4th reading benchmark

PBIS meeting-3:#0-Murray's room

Watch D.O.G.-Mr. ? Reese/McIntyre-Music( I took a picture of my list and when I got home to work on launch the picture was too blurry to read!)

Mr. Raj-Aria-Rathburn-PE(need to double check with Sherri-this was added on our google doc)


March 20

2nd grade listening/speaking assessment-8:30 a.m.-Computer lab closed

STAAR training/or collaboration


March 21-

TRRFCC-wear your character shirt


Watch DOG-Mr. Carrizales-Korina-McIntyre-Art

March 22-

Report cards go home


Watch DOG-Mr. Bourque-Charlee-Janese-Music

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Open Minded

Word of the Month-Trustworthiness

Morning Announcements-Matthew

This is a flyer that will be going home with parents. This was made in response to our survey results.

Word of the Week-Distinguish

Compliment Corner

This compliment is for Haley Reed because she stepped up and rocked daycare duty when the regular people were not there-Michele Radler

This compliment is for Terri May because she graciously allowed me to work in her library office and made sure I was comfortable and taken care of.

Our sympathy goes out to Ms. Bach on the loss of her mother over Spring Break

Big picture