Mrs. G's Classroom News

February 18, 2016

Classroom Management

We had a wonderful week. Our field trip was so fun and we learned a lot. Thank you to all of the chaperones who helped out! We were so happy you could make it! Also thank you to all of the parents who helped and attended the Valentine's Party. The kids really enjoyed it.

Wednesday was Digital Learning Day and we participated in many fun, engaging activities. We connected with others on Twitter and felt very proud that our tweets were getting attention because of the valuable learning activities we were sharing using the hashtag #DLDay.

Little Caesar's Pizza Night is tonight! if you can, grab a pizza to help support our school and get us to win the pizza party again! Miss Massard's class has become very competitive and is under the impression that they will win again. I don't think so!!!! :)

Writing Workshop

We did not start a new unit this week. We worked on language common core skills and using evidence from the text to support our answers. We will start writing our own realistic fiction stories on Monday. We will publish these in bound books that students will illustrate themselves.

Reading Workshop

This week we started reading a great real aloud called, "The Secret Zoo". It is written by Bryan Chick, a Michigan author, and he will be visiting our school in March! We are so excited to meet him. We also worked on Main Idea of articles and supporting details that will help us with our M-step standardized test occurring at the end of the school year. On Thursday, Achieve 3000 was worked on and we learned how to take notes online with highlighter tools available in the program. Next week we will start a realistic fiction unit to match our writing and experience Beverly Cleary book clubs. Beverly Cleary turns 100 in April!
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Word Work

We had catch up time this week to allow students to finish previous units that may not be complete yet. We also read a picture book about suffixes called, "Happy Endings". We will start unit 17 next week and experience more common core language activities and Edmodo snapshots.


We worked on identifying quadrilaterals, turns that are clockwise and counter-clockwise and measured angles. Students mastered geometry skills on and worked on geometry skills on the Prodigy video game too! The students really enjoy playing prodigy. They can battle each other and earn pets for their wizard avatars. Believe it or not, students work on math concepts while playing this game and practice critical thinking and problem solving skills while experiencing this game-based instructional model.

Social Studies

We read text and made an Origami Capitol building while studying the three branches of government. We had a blast at the field trip and it was great to see the students learn so much about how laws are made. We learned a lot at the Michigan Historical Museum. I love this place! We had a very knowledgeable docent who had a lot to say and talked for a long time. The students were so well behaved and respectful. I was super proud. We have been watching the videos they created on the ipads we took with us. They are awesome. I am hoping to stream them together using Imovie on my mac and sharing on youtube.