There is Still Hope

The Power of Education

Dear friends,

Have you ever seen kids roaming around the street begging for money? How about girls that are treated unfairly just because of their gender? Even worse, how about people who suffer from hierarchy system? Some may sound more familiar than others, but all of them are current ongoing problems. People have been trying for centuries to eliminate such problems, but not quite successful. For me, there is only one way to solve these problems. It will help break the cycle of poverty, give the women equal standards and respect; it will provide wealth that will last for a life time, and rescue people from its seemingly inescapable situations. Let me introduce to you the one and ultimate method – education.

A Loving Heart

Sheryl WuDunn

Sheryl WuDunn is a Chinese American business executive, author, lecturer, and the first Asian american to win a Pulitzer Prize. In September 2009, WuDunn co-authored "Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide" with her husband, Nicholas Kristof. She also lectures to a wide range of American and global audiences, promoting the idea that they can still make the change.

The World Need Your Help, and You Can be Part of It

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