IOS 7 Update

Know things about the new Apple update!

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Features of IOS 7

  • IOS 7 is a new beginning to the IOS software. Apple Iphones, Ipads, ipods, Macs, were all created to be used in a simple way.
  • Not only are there new things but, also a new redesigned interface of the way IOS looks like.
  • As you see in the picture above IOS 7 has redesigned everything of the IOS software.

New Things And Design

  • The all new control center allows you to get access of many controls of you're Iphone. For example, you,re on your Iphone and you want to turn down the brightness all you do is swipe and the control center will pop up.
  • The new Siri is now capable of doing even more things like: turn on your bluetooth or turn on WIFI.
  • All the icons of you're Iphones built in apps have changed the way they look.
  • The way you text message and type everything has changed.
  • Now on Itunes you're able to have Itunes Radio and listen to what type of music you would like.
  • You can now access you're notification center from your lock screen and also access control center from lock screen.
  • On you're notification center it now tells you what reminder you have, how the weather is, all calls texts and notifications you've missed.
  • You're safari web browser has also changed and how you manage your bookmarks etc.
  • When you tilt your Iphone your IPhone corresponds to your movement also.
  • If you want to search on your Iphone, let's say you want to find an app you swipe down instead of swiping beck from your home screens.
  • The camera now has been changed there is, panorama, color filters, square, and the camera has a faster speed.
  • Your lock screen passcode now has colors based on your background, the way the color is.
  • There is new ringtones for your Iphone, and the old tones are still left in the settings.
  • If you like wallpapers there are new wall papers, you can even have panoramic wallpapers too.
  • on your control center you can get to things quicker like; calculator, compass, clock, and your camera.

Is IOS 7 Good?

To sum it all up my opinion about IOS 7 is that it's amazing. IOS 7 brings so many great features which I think is awesome. My Iphone is easier to use I can get to things in just one swipe with my finger. I think IOS 7 has been the best update in apple. i am really impressed with new update. It's just something you can't miss out!

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