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December 15-19

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A message from the teachers: Winter Challenge

SVE Students will be given information on completing a Winter Challenge over their break. The Winter Challenge runs from December 19 to January 5. It includes completing 10 reading or math activities for a minimum of 15 minutes per activity. Each time an activity is completed, it is recorded on the provided Winter Challenge Sheet. Record Sheets must be turned in no later than January 8. All students who turn in a sheet with activities recorded will earn a small prize. Student completing 10 activities will earn a prize and an invitation to a special event in the library. Extra copies of the recording sheet and rules are available on the Sunset Valley website.

Look what we're learning:

Reading: Figurative Language

Writing: Research Opinion Writing

Spelling: Unit 15

Math: Mixed Operations

Social Studies: American Government

Unit 15 Spelling Words

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Upcoming Dates:

Friday 12/19 - 1/2 Day

Dec. 20-Jan. 5th: NO SCHOOL!

Jan. 6th- Back to school

Unit 14 Spelling Test

Friday, Dec. 12th, 9:30am

SVE 4th Grade