Zachary Beaver

The best book by the far

The book

Every thing was normal at Antler,Texas until a trailor came up , on the side had the sighn The worlds fattest kid in the whole world.

Zachary Beaver

The fattest kid in the world named Zachary Beaver's friends started to become good friends with Zachary and they liked him and know alot or mostly about him and hang out. Zachary Beaver told hem his sad , Wonderful , Adventerous life and then Zacharys parents/guardians vanished and something bad happened and Zachary is very sad about it.

Zachary Beavers act

Zachary was basicly a snotty rich kid but after his guardians die he starts to realize how he was acting. One of his friends was always writing to his brother who was in vietnam but one day he wrote but his brother didnt write back and later he found out his brother died and it made him mad and sad that he didn't

write back but he forgave him and it made him super griefed.The flags were half raised at the soldiers funeral and there was alot of people were thier it was a memorable day for the group of friends.

Every time I read this book it always makes me happy!

This book should be the best book in the whole wide world.

Zacharys friends

They at first didn't like him but now their his best and probably the only friends he ever had.


He always stays in his trailer and when he's out he stands outside of it so people could pay two dollars to see the fattest man in the whole world they say.
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