It's the Green Revolution.

Stop pollution.

The Effects.

Polluted air can damage us , our food , and our all-around world as we know it. Pollution can occur from motorized vehicles , smoke from factories , and Man-made plants supplying radioactive energy ect. If a cow consumes alot of polluted air and dies , Then our meat from that cow will suffer the same fate. If a smoke stack from a factory makes rain in to acid rain then it could rust our cars and plants in the environment.

What can we do ?

When waiting in a drive through line or some other place where your car will be sitting for awhile , Turn it off ! It produces air that is harmful. Save energy ! Turn off the lights. Using electricity burns fossil fuels which causes pollution.

Plant a tree and use more efficient ways of energy like batteries or solar power. Factories make these and produce the smoke for acid rain .

You can Help , Dont forget it !

Clean the Bay Day !

Saturday, June 1st 2013 at 9am-12pm

Chesapeake Bay, VA

Clean the Bay Day is a massive Virginia-wide stream cleanup running 25 years strong. This short three-hour annual event has a massive cumulative impact: Every year since 1989, thousands of volunteers of all ages have dedicated their time to clear debris from Virginia's urban, suburban, and rural shorelines and waterways. In 2012, approximately 6,800 volunteers from communities throughout the Commonwealth removed more than 150,000 pounds of debris from nearly 500 miles of streams and shoreline.