Jackie Robinson

Every person can play baseball

Early life

Jackie Robinson was born January 31,1919 Cairo,Georgia.Thanks to Jackie, now we can all play baseball.


Jerry and Mallie Robinson were Jackie's parents.He also had three brothers and one sister.When Jackie was young he played baseball,basketball,football, and did some track.Jackie had to leave college because of financial reasons and joined the U.S army instead.

Adult Life

Famous for letting us all play baseball, Jackie Robinson went to jail twice for arguing with others that it wasn't fair that that colored people couldn't play baseball. He was the first afrcan american to play baseball. He continued to practice baseball just to show that anyone can be good at baseball. Jackie later got married to Rachel Robinson and later they had three kids.

Leaving a Legacy

Finally, Jackie accomplished want he wanted, and was overjoyed. Now everybody could play baseball.Later on Jackie entered his golden years and retired. Sadly Jackie Robinson died on October 24, 1972.Till this very day we still thank Jackie for braking the color barrier!