Improve Your Anxiety!

15 Steps You Can Take Today

Anxiety is natural and happens to everyone. Whether you happen to have an anxiety disorder, or just bad at managing your anxiety, these next few steps are for you.
Try challenging your anxious thoughts. When you become anxious, ask yourself,

"Is this worry realistic?"

"Is this actually likely to happen?"

"Could I handle the outcome?"

Usually, this will lead you to understand how realistic it is, and recognize you're worrying about nothing.

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Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and drugs. These substances tend to worsen anxiety.
Try to engage in relaxing practices such as yoga or mediation. These help calm the body and mind.


Accept your anxiety. Learning how to control your worried feelings about things that are uncertain and being able to cope with those things effectively is important. It is important because anxiety is inevitable. Just remember, nothing lasts forever, not even your anxiety.