Speak loudly clearly and with pitch

By KayLahh Fugiasco :)

Describe the purpose of the law:

The purpose of this law is when you are going to give a speech your audience can actually hear you. It would not help you if you are saying your speech and nobody is able to hear you. The three keys to following this rule is in the title: talk LOUDLY, state all words CLEARLY, and have a steady PITCH. Not only is this good for speeches it's also good for interviews or important meetings. If you follow this rule it shows you have confidence.

Advice and tips on how to use this law:

  • Before you do the speech just breathe
  • Make sure you pronounce all the words correctly
  • Take your time
  • Always talk a little louder than what you are already. Sometimes you may think you are talking loud and you're not.


What not to do

Quietly Speech

What to do

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