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The Week Ahead for the Week of May 2- May 6

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Special Thanks for those that attended and assisted with the Recruitment Fair Saturday.

Grade Level PLCs

Admin PLC

SCDE Virtual Faculty Meeting - Monday, May 2 at 3:30 p.m., Deputy Superintendents Dr. Sheila Quinn and Dr. Julie Fowler will lead a statewide faculty meeting on the 10-point uniform grading policy. Please try to watch. It will be recorded for those that may not be able to view live.


Fun Run Pep Rally-Please wear your Fun Run Shirts. You may wear jeans.
Pep Rally will be held at the end of the day.
K-2 Begin reporting to Gym at 1:45.
3-5 Begin Reporting to Gym at 1:50

Vocabulary Bowl- GT Students

PTO Teacher Appreciation Lunch

Staff Meeting TBD


Grade Level PLCs-
Grades 4 and 5, Mrs. Chivers will meet with you to train for SC-PASS

3-5 MAP Window Begins

Teacher Appreciation Lunch- Shane's Rib Shack


Palmetto Pride Litter Program Grades k-2. Program begins at 9AM


Birthday Lunch

3rd Grade to Bush and Vine

K5/4 to Home Depot, Arrowpoint, Pet Smart, and Riverwalk

Campbell End of the Year Evaluation- 2:00 Dr. Pew and members of executive cabinet will come to OPES to conduct my end of the the year evaluation.


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Curriculum Corner

Dear Teacher on the Tired Days,
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Math Challenge

  • Thanks to Mrs. Hilton, Ms. Miller, Mrs. Percival, and Mrs. Huskins for attempting the math challenge problem last week. They each provided a reasonable and acceptable solution to the problem.For your efforts you each have been given $50 to spend on classroom supplies and materials. Please see Mrs. Tolbert and place your order by the end of the week.

There explanations are below:

  • Hilton Answer: 96

  • Explanation: Each example problem equals two numbers multiplied then adding the first number to the answer. For example: 3+6=21 is like saying 3x6=18+3=21. So if you follow the pattern, 8+11=96 because 8x11=88+8=96

I got 40. And the addends and then added the previous sums. So, 8 + 11 =19, then 19 + 21 is 40.

  • Karen Percival

    The answer is 40. You add the sum of each previous answer to the addends of the next equation.

  • Helen Huskins

  • I got 96. If you multiply the two numbers and then add the first number you will get the answer. For example, (1 X 4) + 1=5 . (8 X 11) + 8 =96.

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