The Library and Collaboration

How can I help you this year?

What does collaboration look like?

I look forward to teaming up with the staff for an excellent school year. I am available to collaborate with you on any number of projects. Studies show that students learn better when collaborating and when we work together, we can create meaningful opportunities for projects, assignments and units of study.

Collaboration can be as minimal or intense as you'd like it. At the minimal end, the Learning Commons is available as a space for staff and students to work. You can ask me to help you find resources or help students access resources. On the more intensive side, I can help you plan, deliver and evaluate units of study, either singularly or cross-curricular.

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Starting off right

To begin fostering a community of collaboration, please let me know early and often what you're hoping to teach. I can make sure the appropriate resources are purchased in the library if they are lacking.

How to begin collaborating with your Teacher-Librarian!

I'm here to help you! Please remember that as the year goes on. Email me or drop by the Learning Commons to discuss your needs. From there, we can work with your schedule to suit your needs.

Helpful hints for successful Teacher and Teacher-Librarian collaboration

  • communication is key - be clear about what you want, what you want from me, your desired learning outcomes
  • be organized - schedule our time together and have clear goals for what we each need/want to accomplish
  • be respectful - each collaborator brings a unique set of skills and ideas that might be different from your own
  • be reliable - each person will have his/her own set of responsibilities, and attending to them will foster a sense of trust between us
  • flexibility is a must - we all have a lot going on and will need to work with that

Give me your input!

This is our Learning Commons. Let me know what you want to see/hear/have in the library and we will try to make it a space that works for everyone. Our staff's collective voice will shape the resources, layout and functions of the space so that it becomes a warm, inviting and fun space that encourages community, collaboration and learning for all.