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September 27th, 2020

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Important Dates

  • September 28th: Wear Green to Cheer on the Dallas Stars!!!
  • October 2nd: FLEX day
  • October 9th: FLEX day
  • October 12th: Student and Staff Holiday
  • October 14th: ONLY JUNIORS will be at school on this day. Please read below about the PSAT.
  • October 29th: ONLY SOPHOMORES will be at school on this day. Please read below about the PSAT.
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Falcon Fling Virtual Auction

Disappointed that our Falcon Fling silent auction was unable to happen last Spring? No worries, we're holding a virtual auction for a few great items! It's open NOW and closes at 8 pm on 9/27/2020 Go to to start! Check your email for more information!

Picture From Olympics

Order Your Yearbook

Yearbooks are on sale today for $75 at Prices go up on November 17th.

Dual Credit Information (Juniors and Seniors)

The registration period for Spring Dual credit will be 10/5 - 10/16. You MUST follow the below steps in order to receive a registration e-mail on 10/5. If you do not complete the steps below, then you will not receive the registration e-mail and you will not be able to register for dual credit in the Spring.

If you have taken dual credit before:

  1. Complete the pre-registration form HERE to confirm you will be taking dual credit in the Spring.
  2. Review the approved dual credit list within the NTH@C Course Guide on page 22 HERE to begin thinking about what you will want to take. At this time we are still waiting on confirmation about TSI, meningitis requirements, and whether all dual credit will be online. We hope to have this before 10/5.

If you have NEVER taken dual credit:

  1. Complete the attached steps to apply to Dallas College and set up your eConnect account. All of the steps within the attachment should be completed by 10/5/2020.
  2. Complete the pre-registration form HERE to confirm you will be taking dual credit in the Spring.
  3. Review the approved dual credit list within the NTH@C Course Guide on page 22 HERE to begin thinking about what you will want to take. At this time we are still waiting on confirmation about TSI, meningitis requirements, and whether all dual credit will be online. We hope to have this before 10/5.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,


Senior Ads

Now’s your chance to purchase your senior ad! The price options this year are:

Quarter Page Ad: $80

Half Page Ad: $160

Full Page Ad: $300

If you are interested in purchasing an ad for your learner, please make sure to fill out this form:

All money for Senior Ads will be due November 13! This year, parents will be designing their learner's ads on Jostens. You can pick from several templates and personalize your learner's ads before purchasing them directly through the website.

Here is a link to Jostens:

Please let us know if you have any questions!

-NTH@C Yearbook Staff


Learners and Parents,

On October 23, 2020 at 9am we will be offering a Career Exploration Assessment Free to any 10th-12th grade learner that is interested. Please go to for more information about what is available through this assessment.

Please note that this assessment is the ASVAB. The ASVAB is typically associated with the Military, but it has so much more to offer than just that. Learners that take the assessment can then create an account at the above link where they can view their results, take more interest assessments and use those results to review career pathways and college information. Yes, there will also be an option to review military careers and pathways, but that is only a small portion of what is offered.

I want to encourage all of you to please take advantage of this opportunity. I especially encourage you to participate if you are still unsure about your interests or what you may want to do after high school.

Please go HERE to express your interest. This form will only allow you to access when logged in with your New Tech e-mail account. I ask that you please complete this form even if you do not want to participate.

Important Information for participants:

  • This assessment will be administered ON-campus only
  • Remote and In-Person learners may come on campus to participate
  • The exam will be in the gym with tables at least 6 feet apart
  • Remote learners will enter the building through the double doors that lead directly to the gym (North side of building directly off the parent loop)
  • Masks must be worn at all times while inside the building
  • Learners will sanitize their hands upon entering the gym

Thank you,


FAFSA Information

Parents and Learners,

Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is one of the most important steps students and their families can take to pay for college. In recent years, some states have even made completing the FAFSA a high school graduation requirement. The FAFSA is the application that is required to be used by all schools in awarding federal student aid. So if you want federal loans, federal grants, or federal work-study, you have to do the FAFSA.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will open for submission on October 1. There are some things that you can be doing and forms you can be gathering now to help the completion and submission go a little smoother. Please see below for some helpful FAFSA information:

  1. You will need an FSA ID. Please go HERE to create your account. Learners AND Parents will need their own unique FSA ID.
  2. Begin gathering information and forms:
    • Social Security Numbers
    • Alien Registration numbers (if applicable)
    • Federal Tax Information and/or tax returns
    • Records of untaxed income
    • Cash, savings and checking account balances
    • Investment information
  3. On October 1 you can login to complete and submit your FAFSA
  4. Complete and submit as soon as possible after October 1st!!

Attached is an infographic and short PowerPoint presentation to provide a little more information about the FAFSA. Please look through all of this and let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,


x2vol and Community Service Hours

Dear New Tech Learners and Parents,

One of our core principles at New Tech is New Tech Gives Back. We encourage learners to be aware of the needs of others in the community and the world around them and to take opportunities to help others and improve the conditions of our society. One of our graduation requirements is for learners to give 10 hours of community service each year that they attend New Tech and log those hours at

Due to the current situation with the CoVid19 pandemic, we are suspending the requirement for the 2020-2021 school year. Seniors will not be held accountable for the number of service hours they have completed in order to graduate*.

Juniors, sophomores and freshmen will be responsible for 30 hours of community service when it comes time for them to graduate.

However, if learners have already completed community service hours either virtually or in person during the summer, or if opportunities become available this year, they should still record those hours in x2vol and they will be applied to the total requirement for graduation. Rookie learners will be registering for x2vol during their Independent Study classes this week.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Brassfield at

*Seniors that are still able to complete all graduation requirements, including the 40 hours of community service, will receive the New Tech Scholars distinction. Ms. Batik will be working with seniors in November to choose graduation regalia for this honor.

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Checking Grades

A reminder that Schoology does not update grades in HAC automatically for our campus. Parents must log in to Schoology to see live grades. More information in the FAQ document below.
Schoology Parent Video

This video will walk you through how to look at your child's activity and grades in schoology

Make sure you're getting all your news.

Your PTSO has a helpful, concise, and occasional newsletter that supplements the weekly New Tech News. The 8/13 issue welcomed everyone and encouraged PTSO membership. The special 8/31 issue included helpful and handy links to supplement the virtual open house experience. It only went to active members. The third issue last Thursday included a countdown for spiritwear orders and highlighted a few ways NTH@C PTSO is spending money to benefit the school. The next issue is due out this Thursday. If you've been missing any issues, log in to Membership Toolkit and manage your membership and subscriptions. If you login and there is not a form in red to join Membership 2020, you may already be a member. PTSO members are the most informed.

Shuttle Schedule

Please see attached for the shuttle schedule to and from CHS and CHS9. The shuttle picks up at the front/main entrance of our school.

Lunch Schedule Start 9/8/20

Please note that whether you are in person or online, this is the lunch schedule for the foreseeable future. Learners with the lunch period at CHS or CHS9 will need to check with those educators.

Testing Accommodation for National Testing

Dear Parents,

A student with a documented disability through 504 or Special Education may be eligible for accommodations on the CollegeBoard Advanced Placement Exams, PSAT/SAT, and ACT.

The school does not automatically apply for students to receive accommodations but will assist families once the request is made, and completed forms are submitted. For more information on how to apply for accommodations on national exams, please visit :

All completed applications can be submitted to the front office. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Shaikh at

Thank you,

Raheela Shaikh

Assistant Principal

New Tech High @ Coppell

Registering for AP Exams

Only learners enrolled in an AP course need to follow these steps.

ATTENTION! Students and guardians should complete this registration/enrollment together. This is a two-step process and both steps MUST be completed to access the AP Classroom resources and/or order AP Exams. The entire process (both steps) can be completed in a single sitting in approximately 10 minutes.

  1. Complete the registration process that starts below.

  2. Enroll all your AP courses and exams in the College Board's MyAP system with the Join Codes you will receive from your facilitator.

Students taking AP courses/exams at New Tech High @ Coppell must enroll/register here by November 5th. There is no cost for enrolling in AP courses, but the 2021 AP Exams cost $100 for all exams except for AP Seminar and AP Research (these two exams cost $150). Families can make a down payment of $40 per exam and complete the remainder of their payment by March 3rd.

A confirmation page indicates that the first step has been completed. The confirmation page will include the information needed to complete the second step of enrolling courses/exams in the College Board's system, This step should be completed right away as exams will only be ordered if both steps are completed.

New Tech High @ Coppell is excited to offer families the ability to pay their exam fees online at the time of registration. Please be sure to have a credit card or debit card available before beginning registration.

Students that have not paid the minimum due by November 5th will have their AP Exam registration canceled and exams will not be ordered.

AP exams registrations that are not fully paid by March 3rd, 2021 will be canceled and exams will not be ordered.

Please contact Steffany Batik, if you have questions.

The direct link to the registration website is:

Senior College Information


I am re-sending the college application information email that was sent earlier. Please make sure that you read through this email for instructions regarding Naviance, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and more.

First important item to note...A lot of you have added schools in Naviance, but never officially requested transcripts be sent. I have caught some of them and already sent your transcripts, but in the future please make sure you add the transcript request when you add the school.

Second important item...You can check the status of a transcript request by going to "Colleges I'm applying to" and then "manage transcripts". This will show you when the items were submitted. Please do not add a request back for a school if the items have already been sent. This unnecessarily creates extra work.

Third important item...Please do not send requests for transcripts and materials outside of Naviance. ALL schools should be in Naviance and ALL materials should be able to be sent through Naviance. If you plan to apply to a school, then make sure they are added in your list and that you request materials within Naviance.

Last important item...FAFSA opens in 2 weeks. Make sure you and your parents/guardians are ready to get that filled out as soon as possible once it opens.

Original e-mail and information is below....

Below is some information to help make the college application process a little less overwhelming. Please read through the information and links to help with any questions that you may have. ***Save this e-mail for future reference***

Important Links and Information:

  • Pay attention to deadlines
  • New Tech College Admissions - Important steps and links related to college applications
  • 3 Steps for College Applications - Applications, Letters of Recommendation, Transcripts, and Test Scores
  • Naviance - Use Naviance for college searches, transcript requests, letter of recommendation requests and more.
  • Post-High School Handbook - Contains information about college, ACT/SAT, scholarships, careers, and much more.
  • If a school accepts Common Application, then use the Common Application and link your Common Application with Naviance (see instructions below)
  • Please update Naviance as you submit applications and receive decisions. This really helps with data moving forward.

FAFSA, Financial Aid & Scholarships:

  • Go HERE for information
  • FAFSA opens October 1. Complete this as soon as possible for better chances of receiving money for college.

Requesting Transcripts:

  • Important info about Transcripts HERE
  • Log in to Naviance
    • If you have trouble logging in, then send me an e-mail to reset your password
  • Go to "Colleges I am Applying To" and add any colleges that you intend to apply to here
  • Once your colleges are added select "request transcripts" and make request for all schools to which you are applying

Requesting Letters of Recommendation:

  • Counselor LOR FAQ
    • Counselor LOR Checklist
    • Note: You will not "request" a counselor rec letter. If the school requires one, then it will be written and sent.
  • Facilitator LOR FAQ
  • Quick Reference Guide for LORs
  • Log in to Naviance
    • If you have trouble logging in, then send me an e-mail to reset your password
  • Go to "Colleges I am Applying To" and add any colleges that you intend to apply to here
  • At bottom of this page you will see the letter of recommendation section. Click on link and follow instructions
    • This will be used for facilitator recommendations only. You will not use this to request counselor LORs (see FAQ above)

Linking Family Connection and Common Application:

Follow the steps below to match your Common App and Naviance Student accounts if you are applying to any Common App Schools:

  1. On Common App:
    • Register for an account
    • Click the My Colleges tab and add at least one college
    • Sign the FERPA Release Authorization
    • Click the Common App tab and enter your high school information in the Education section
  2. On Naviance Student:
    • Click Colleges I'm Applying To
    • Click Match Account toward the top right of the screen to begin process of matching your Naviance and Common App accounts.

College Super Match:

  • Log in to Naviance and click on "Colleges" at top of screen to go to "College Home"
    • If you have trouble logging in, then send me an e-mail to reset your password
  • Click on "Super Match" under the "Find your fit" Section
  • Complete as much or little information as you choose to receive college matches
  • This is a great tool to help you find or narrow down your school choices

Big Future through CollegeBoard

Texas Oncourse Resources and Information

Please reach out to me if you have any questions as you are moving through this process.

Thank you,


A Day/ B Day/ FLEX Day Calendar

Fridays will still follow the next A day or B day but we will also have FLEX sessions

How Do I Get My Flyers In The Newsletter?

See the club flyer above this? It was sent to me by a learner that wants to advertise for our campus DECA chapter. I do my best to sew what all is going on around the district but don't always catch everything. So, parents and learners: is the band performing? a theater production coming up? freshman volleyball game? learner club have something going on? a group got an award? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE just assume I didn't get the info and pass it on to me (Batik). I want to make sure all our groups and learners get the spotlight they deserve. How should you send the information?

  1. Please include any write-up that needs to go with the information. I am very busy and it will ensure I share your information faster if it comes ready to post.
  2. Please send jpg or png images instead of PDFs. PDFs do not embed in these newsletters and they are hard for me to share on twitter/instagram. Want to know our campus social media accounts? See the bottom of this newsletter.
  3. Please send any items to me by Friday to ensure they get in the Sunday newsletter.