Leprechaun Trap

Due: March 17, 2016

Question and Hypothysis

How can I catch a leprechaun?

I think a inclined plane will work as the simple machine.

How To Make The Trap

  1. Use the glue to put the pieces of cardboard in the box.
  2. Make your inclined plane out of a extra piece of cardboard and glue it down.
  3. Then cut up some more cardboard and put them where ever you want the pieces.
  4. Keep a place to hide the speaker so the leprechaun doesn't see it.
  5. Make a couch so he can rest, by folding a piece of cardboard.
  6. Also make a table,too.

How It Works

  1. The leprechaun hears the Irish music and comes toward the trap.
  2. Then, he will come in and go through the glow-stick-lighted maze.
  3. He will get tired and lay down for a wee nap.
  4. The leprechaun would wake up and finish the maze.
  5. When he sees the bowl of " Lucky Charms ", he will cross the rope.
  6. The rope will make a flap on the inclined plane, come down on him and trap the leprechaun in a secret room.


I changed the design and trap. Also didn't put the food buffet.

The Materials

  • a large flat cardboard box, hot glue, a small speaker, music player, pieces of cardboard, a box of " " Lucky Charms ", glow sticks, gold and green spray paint
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Mine has quite a bite.