Oregon State University-Cascades

Bend, Oregon

Oregon State University-Cascades Information

  • Located in Bend, Oregon
  • Offers Child Development Under Graduate Degree
  • Offers Master of Arts in Teaching

How much is College going to Cost?


  • $3,400 each year for Under Graduate Program
  • $5,000 for Master of Arts in Teaching (1 year)

**Dorms are not offered right now (coming January 2017)

How do I Plan to Pay for College?

  • Get a part time job in High School - Put money away in Savings
  • Get a part time job in College and continue to put money in savings for College
  • Apply for Scholarships

Admissions-Applying for College

  • Graduate High School with required classes
  • GPA of 3.0
  • Minimum SAT score of 1070
  • Minimum ACT score of 23
  • Must send in a filled out Application paper
  • Must take a placement test through COCC

What are classes like?

  • About 17 kids per class
  • Lots of one-on-one teacher and student interaction

Location and Things to Do

Bend, Oregon


  • Shopping
  • Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking


  • Sunny in the Summer
  • Snowy in the Winter
  • Lots of trees and mountain (wildlife)
  • A little bit of every season (sun, snow, warm, cold, wind, rain, freezing, hot)

Scholarships I Can Apply For

  • Bearss Memorial Scholarship
  • Charles and Emma Lou Cooley Memorial
  • Class of 1956 Scholarship
  • Class of 2005 Scholarship
  • Criswell Scholarship
  • Emiel and Hermine Van Deldon Scholarship
  • Geoff Carmichael Memorial Scholarship
  • Grace Coates Memorial
  • Grants Pass Education Association
  • Grants Pass Kiwanis Club Scholarship
  • Grants Pass Rotary Club
  • Gray Family Memorial Scholarship
  • Jack Woodhead Memorial
  • Jan Newton-Isaac Memorial
  • Joe Rose Memorial Scholarship
  • Kaite Davis Memorial Scholarship
  • Kerm Bennett Memorial Scholarship
  • Manuel Garcia Scholarship
  • National Honor Society
  • North Middle School PTA
  • Ricky P. Del Fiorentino Memorial Scholarship
  • Riverside School
  • Rogue Valley Networking
  • Sherm and Jerry Heater Family Scholarship
  • Slagle Family Scholarship
  • Ward Family Scholarship
  • Zottola Family Memorial Scholarship In Memory Of Robert Zottola & Verna Zottola-Scott

Looking to the Future

Future Community Service Work

  • Honor Society
  • Volunteering at Middle and Elementary Schools
  • Help Organize a Volleyball Camp

Future Plans To Help Myself Reach My Goals

  • Take AP Classes my Junior and Senior Year
  • Volunteer as much as I can
  • Take Child Development 4
  • Get a Part Time Job

How will all this help me?

By volunteering I will learn more about the importance of helping people in your community. I will also try to volunteer in classrooms; this will help me with gaining experience in the career path I would like to follow. Helping in classrooms will help me get the hands on experience with working and teaching students and allow me to earn volunteer hours towards my degree in teaching.

I will take AP classes to earn college credit, so I have less classes to take in college. Taking Child Development 4 will help me learn more about kids and learn about dealing with kids in the classroom. Child Development 4 gives me the experience of actually being in the classroom and helping a teacher everyday. Getting a part time job will allow me to save money for college and future expenses. Having a job will also give me a new responsibility and it will teach me valuable life skills.