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November 2018

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Mark Your Calendars!

11/5- Voting Park Day

11/6- Fall Marketing Park Day

11/15- Bagels and Books Marketing Park Day

11/16- Bagels and Board Games Marketing Park Day

11/28- High School Expo (See below)

12/3- SAVE THE DATE-Winter Wonderfest (see Below)

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San Diego High School Expo

Calling all High School Families and interested High School Students!

Please join us for the upcoming San Diego High School Expo.

Date: November 28, 2018

Time: 4pm-6pm

Location: 13915 Danielson St., Poway, CA 92064

A light dinner and snacks will be provided, so kindly RSVP so we can plan accordingly. RSVP here. We hope to see you there!

Save the Date-Winter Wonderfest

Inspire's first ever WINTER WONDERFEST is on December 3. Mark you calendars because this is an event you wont want to miss! Click here for more details.
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Spelling Bee

We are excited to gather your feedback and interest level for the 50th annual San Diego Union-Tribune Countywide Spelling Bee on March 14th, 2019 at the Town and Country San Diego in Mission Valley. We would like to offer this opportunity to our San Diego and Imperial middle school students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades. The winner of the competition will be awarded the title of the San Diego Union-Tribune Countywide Spelling Bee Champion. That student and a chaperone will receive an all-expense-paid trip to National Harbor, Maryland for the 2019 Scripps National Spelling Bee in May.

The Inspire Qualifying Spelling Bee will take place on January 18th, 2019 at the Poway office located at 13915 Danielson Road Suite 200. Once the interest level has been determined and the initial registration has been completed, a list of study words will be sent to you via email.

Please fill out the survey HERE to enter the Inspire Qualifying Bee.

Learning is FUN-New Newsletter!

Learning is fun! Please enjoy this new newsletter we created just for you. It has many Academic Tips, Tricks and Activities to Help Engage Your Child in Learning! .

Check out this new Newsletter here

Star 360

The Star 360 is an assessment tool that Inspire uses to monitor student progress and support your child's growth and learning. The Star 360 is also something that is so important to Inspire as a school because it is used in our accreditation and charter renewal process. Please help your child and our school by making sure this task gets completed as soon as possible. Feel free to reach out to your homeschool teacher if you have any questions or need assistance. We appreciate you and all you do to create success for your student(s) and our school.

Work Samples and Attendance

The end of Learning Period 4 is 11/23/2018. Samples and attendance are due to your homeschool teacher on this day, however this week is Thanksgiving Break so we highly recommend sending them ahead of time, by 11/16/2018.

Work samples are a great opportunity for you to share some of the amazing things your student is doing. Because these samples are the portfolio that demonstrates proof of work for your student, be sure what you submit is clear, complete, and includes the needed information. Just a few reminders about samples:

  • For TK-8 grade students, one sample must be provided from Language Arts, Math, Science OR Social Studies (History)
  • For High School students, one work sample for each course must be provided
  • On each work sample, the following information MUST be included: First and Last Name of student, sample completion date (must be within the learning period), and proof of parent review (grade, percentage, fraction, etc).

More information about work samples can be found HERE on the San Diego Parent Resource site, including templates for photo samples.

Parent Portal and Attendance

With the end of the learning period also comes the time to claim attendance. Attendance must be claimed the last day of the learning period, which is 11/23/18. As mentioned above, this date falls on Thanksgiving Break so we would highly recommend doing your attendance on or before 11/16/2018 so it does not slip your mind over break. This will be done online through Parent Portal. Your teacher can provide you the link needed to get you to Parent Portal as well as your username and password if you need it. Look HERE to find a helpful PDF with the steps to claim attendance, the links to Parent Portal, and a helpful video about all the new tools Parent Portal has to offer this year- including the ability to print report cards, unofficial transcripts, checking your students courses and more.

San Diego Parent Resource Site

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Did you know that our San Diego Parent Resource Site now highlights our Inspiring San Diego News!? This Newsletter is a great place to find all thing Inspire. It alerts you of upcoming trips, event, and has many more resources and opportunities for your Inspire student. Check it out here and we hope to see you at some of these great events!

Curriculum Resources


Want a fun way to teach your student(s) about Intermolecular Forces? Milk Art is a way to learn this scientific concept. A little bit about this experiment:

  • In some chemical reactions the result is something instant and unexpected. The reason for it is often unknown at first. In this case, the result is caused by the changes in intermolecular forces. Milk has several lactose molecules, which are rich in hydrogen bonds and are also very fatty. These molecules are normally attracted to each other and create surface tension. In the beginning the food coloring has no effect on the milk. Adding a drop of soap though causes everything to go crazy, why?
  • The soap acts as a surfactant. It breaks the surface tension, so each molecule of milk it touches is no longer attracted to the other molecules. On a molecular level, the soap breaks the attraction between the molecules. When those molecules can no longer stay together they are drawn down by gravity and pushed away by the other parts of the milk that were not affected by the soap, because when the surface tension in the middle is broken, the sides have a much stronger surface tension.
If you want to expand upon this experiment try using milk with differing fat content or temperatures.


Many students are currently learning about Native Americans. With so many local tribes around, I hope that many of you will get out there to the visitor centers and museums in the area to learn about the deep roots and rich culture to be found there!

The Barona Museum has a fantastic presenter with amazing stories! The Museum’s collection represents thousands of years of history—some objects dating as far back as 10,000 years—and it demonstrates the artistry and skill of the hemisphere’s first inhabitants.

Entrance to the Barona Cultural Center & Museum is free of charge!


Math TV

This site includes videos for all types of math. There is a search bar where you can type in the topic needed. However, they also have 6 different topics to choose. These include basic math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and study skills. There are tons of videos under each topic. It is a great resource for all levels of math. Check it out.

Language Arts

Check out Sheppard Software! Sheppard Software's Language Arts page features a variety of games for different grade levels.

Elementary students (and anyone who needs a refresher) can play the animated grammar and punctuation games, which review basic punctuation and grammar concepts.

Middle school and high school learners can review their SAT and advanced vocabulary through the SAT Words and Vocabulary in Context games. If your student loves games involving letters and words, check out the word games section, which is great for a range of ages.

Suggestions? Feedback?

If you have suggestions or feedback on how we can help to support you in your homeschooling journey, let us know!