Mountain Dog

Poster Made by Mia McPike

A Quick Overall Sum

Engle, Margarita has put togther an amazing novel filled with poetry, perspective, and heart. It shows how things can get better, no matter how bad things are. When the main character's mother is arrested for abusing dogs and her son. The main character ends up at a small village in the robust mountains. His uncle takes him in when nobody else decide to. The boy becomes friedns with his uncle and his dog, Gabe. If you wan't to know more about the book... Read it yourself!

My Opinions

I think this book deserves a four star rating. I like the poetry element, the plot, and the description. However, I would not give it five stars because a lot of it was super predictable. I definitely, however, recommend this to whoever you are. Although, there are a few things I should mention...

A Quick Notice

If you aren't in at least 4th grade, this book might not have as much of a meaning to you. It feature some difficult times that the main character must go through, and young people might not be able to understand how bad they really are. If you are going to read this and you are younger than i reccomended, I suggest you have a parent read another copy at the same time.

If you would like to veiw the book trailer, by the way, click the video below!

Mountain Dog by Margarita Engle | The official book trailer