Ghetto Girls Too

by Anthony Why

Story Elements

Ghetto GIrls Too takes place in a house, school, outdoors the time of this book is the present. The main conflict in the story is that Coco the main character is from the hood that lives in the ghetto that likes to start things and she has lots of help from her friends if theres any drama in the group. The book begins with Coco because she's telling kids from the hood to join, and also they were going to have something plan out but, they couldn't because there plan didn't work out as planed.
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Character Analysis

The main character is Coco. Three words to describe the main character are she is very stubborn, not caring, and knowledge because at time she new what was was bad and what was good. The character is motivated by hard and dangerous things that motivates her or things that does not make good things make and give better solutions. I dislike the character Deedee because she is not the same as Coco that really is into the group and work. The relationship between Coco and Deedee is just different but at the same time because they are both stubborn.
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The theme of the novel is getting back at people. One example that supports the theme is that Coco and Deedee try to get out of a situation that are in a difficult position that can hard their own family. also, Eric uses everything in his power to bring and fix his love back of Coco. finally, another reason is that the police use every law on the book to shut the Ghetto Girls down.
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The rate that i give to the novel i give it a 6. why do i give a 6 to this book is because it was not that intresting as i imagine as a gang work. One connection from other teenagers is that kids now a days are getting introuble with the law they been in jail, juvie or in many other nessesarly conclict. Second connection, is that not now i haven't seen alot of gangs because they have been fading to another places in chicago but it been the same things, rubbing, stealing, becaking the law and many more.