Chisholm Ridge Wranglers Weekly

September 4-8

CRES Mission Statement

Wrangler pride is working together to reach our goals in learning and life.

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Life Principle of the Week: Service

Service- giving of one's time and energies to help others.

“Serving the needs of others is the light that brightens each day.” --- Douglas M. Lawson

Encourage your students to serve out neighbors in Houston by bringing in some coins to help with relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey. Students can also decorate a coffee can in your classroom for a collection vessel.

This Week at The Ridge

Monday: Labor Day, Take some time to rest from your labors!

Tuesday: Regular Schedule, PLC Meetings in A2 (grades K-3), 4/5 meet in classrooms- we will be establishing a new PLC room for all meetings soon! This room will have space for us to post and examine data! Stay tuned!

Wednesday: Regular Schedule

Thursday: Regular Schedule, Cook off campus, 5th to ELAR CLC

Friday: Wrangler Round-Up, please send representative to set up gym by 7:00. Boy Scouts will conduct flag ceremony in honor of Patriot Day. Please wear red, white, and blue.

Teacher To Do List:

  1. Compliance Bundle certificate to office by September 15.
  2. Student work with evidence of thinking hung on bulletin boards outside classrooms by September 8.
  3. Preview Curriculum Night powerpoints and plan with grade levels for September 14.
  4. Blood, Broken Bones, or Barf? Does this student really need to see the nurse? Help us reduce lost instructional time by delaying and/or addressing clinic visits in the classroom.

Upcoming Events

Sept. 11: Grandparent's Day breakfast@ 7:05

Sept. 14: PTA Meeting, Curriculum Night@ 6:00.

Sept. 15: Compliance Bundle certificates due to office.

Sept. 26: 3rd, 4th to Science CLC,

Sept. 27: 1st, 2nd to Science CLC.

Sept. 28: 5th to Science CLC.

Sept. 29: All Goal-Setting conferences complete, KDG to Math, Science CLC

Oct. 9/10- Staff Development, Student Holiday

Oct. 23- 27: Red Ribbon Week

Oct. 27: Fall Festival and Movie Night

September Birthdays

9/3: Kourtney Ricks

9/5: Allison Macevicius

9/7: Jaime De La Ossa

9/8: Kim Beutel