Japanese Internment Camps Exposed

What the government didn't tell us

The U.S. government told us that the Japanese were being moved for good reason and were going to be living in good conditions in a nice place. The pictures above show how happy some of the Japanese looked to be while they were in the camps. A happy family, a girl playing with what looks like a volleyball, and children studying in class. This what the U.S. wanted us to see it as when in reality, it wasn't so great.
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This photo shows Japanese against a barbed-wire fence. It looks as if they want to escape and enjoy freedom which they didn't have at that time. The Japanese didn't have any rights. It's a sad event in the U.S.'s history to think that we would put innocent people because of their heritage in camps with bad living conditions.
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In this picture we see Japanese boarding the trains to the internment camps. They look scared and intimidated because of the American guards that are watching them. They are armed and loaded. The two above pictures show contrast to the three pictures in the gallery by one being laid back and relaxed (top three) and the other two photos being intense and showing fear (two above). The government wanted us to think that everything was going well for the Japanese by showing what looks like happy pictures when in reality they were living through terrible living conditions and had to go through many hardships.