What's in a name?

By Korey Ribeiro

Team information

Name: St. Louis Rams

Country: USA

State: Missouri

City: St Louis

Longitude & latitude: 38.272 N & 90.1978 W

Region: South Central

Languages: English

3 Facts: Most presidents were born in this region, all states are in central time zone, 5th most populated region.

3 Features: Ozark national scenic river way, Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri River

Team Mascot Information

Team Mascot: Rampage the Ram

Nicknames for the team: none

How it connects: There is no connection.


Established: 1937

Founder: Homer Marshman

How the mascot connect with the region: You can sometimes find rams in that area or close to that area


Stadium/Arena name: Edward Jones Dome

Previous name: Trans World Dome

They turned it into a Basketball arena ONLY for the NCAA basketball tournament, then turned it back into the Rams football field.