Soft Palate

by Cole Cassano

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-Soft Palate is the fleshy, flexible part toward the back of the roof of the mouth.

-The soft palate should move up toward the nasal passages for all non-nasal sounds, forcing the air out through the mouth.

-If you have a nasal voice, you probably are not elevating the soft palate high enough to shut off the flow of air through the nose for non-nasal sounds [n], [m], and "ng," allowing air to escape through the nose rather than through the mouth.

-The class of sounds associated with the soft palate a sits point of articulation is called the tongue/soft palate (linguavelar) or simply (velar) class of sounds. It includes [k], [g], and "ng."

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-Just like the lungs, the soft palate can get cancer.

-Smoking or other tobacco products can cause cancer but you can also get cancer even without smoking or other tobacco products.

-The cancer can be trigger by a virus called human papillomavirus.

-The tumor can be removed or can be treated.

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