All'asta - Benicia

News Bulletin

Hello, hello!

Welcome to the new All'asta - Benicia newsletter! We'll be keeping you updated on new items, specials, offers and everything All'asta you'll want to know!

So, do you "get it" yet??

We know many of you still don't really understand what All'asta is all about, so here's who we are in a nutshell:

  • Each "party" is actually a boutique consignment auction
  • The guests, hostess and consultant all sell their own treasures (good stuff!!) in our silent auction and earn real cash!
  • Sellers can use their profits to pay for auction items they win, shop from our AWESOME catalog guilt-free OR get a check in the mail!

If you're still confused, click HERE for lots more details...its ok, I won't tell!!

New & Few Signature Finds!

At All'asta, we're all about being different. We're not your grandma's home party (but she'll love us too!!). One of the ways we're different is our New and Few Signature Finds. These are limited-quantity items, not listed in our catalog. Get 'em while you can...just email us at or call 707.297.0409 to grab yours!

Here's what we've got now for a limited time:

Let's get some FREE!!!

What's my number one selling item, you ask? Our Mystery Bag!!! Everyone LOVES these! These little gems give you $45+ of awesome All'asta-ness for only $25!

Want one FREE??

Book and host your own qualifying All'asta Auction Party in the month of July and you'll get a FREE MYSTERY BAG!! Pretty nice!

Email me at or call 707.297.0409

to grab your date! They'll go quick!

Looking for a new ground-floor opportunity? Tired of being one-in-a-million? Check us out!!!

Currently, All'asta has less than 200 consultants TOTAL and there are still entire states unrepresented! This company is going places, so why not go along with us?!

Find out more HERE about our amazing opportunity!