My First pair of Glasses

Diego Banda

Meanwhile driving to the eye care doctor,it was really a big change in my life because I was getting my first pair of glasses.Finally we arrived there, they told us to wait for a while.Meanwhile I was still waiting,while I was waiting I was thinking what would happen if I got my glasses.What would my friends think of my glasses,would I look terrible.I'm just worried that I won't look the same.

Later on they called me up,they took a bunch of checks on my right eye and left.After all of that was over they said I did need glasses.So we went over to the section where there were glasses that's where I picked my glasses.It took a while but I found the perfect ones I was really happy.

When I put them on I could see so much better.It was an exiting moment , I didn't need to worry about anything because this is best for me.