Peer Pressure is a problem at CHS among teens!

Teachers can help!

Teachers teach because they love kids, so when a child is a victim of peer pressure it can hurt teachers as much as the kids. 3.1 million teenagers smoke, according to the American Lung Association, and as many as 83% started because of friends. The young generation are destroying themselves and ruining any chance of a successful future so it is up to the teachers to stop peer pressure at the core Teachers can stop this devastating tragedy by pressuring their kids to make the right decision's.

Our Side Of The Story


As a high school student we are pressured every day and confused because we want to fit in. With the help of an adult I believe teacher's advice would help prevent peer pressure.


As students of CHS we, the presenters, know the daily struggle of peer pressure. Everyday teachers have the opportunity to help prevent peer pressure and as students we hope you do.