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Aqueduct de Roquefavour

Aqueduct de Roquefavour is an 19th century, 3 tiered stone aqueduct across the Arc River, 10 km west of Aix en Provence.

Aliments de Culture Populaires

Bouillabaisse: A savory fish soup or stew that’s featured in many Provencal recipes. Fish broth with some rouille (spicy fish-flavored Provencal sauce) on croutons or bread, and the fish which is sautéed in olive oil with more rouille on a separate plate.

Calissons d’Aix: Calissons are cookie-like sweets that are shape like a petal and consist of a firm paste topped with icing. The paste is made from ground almonds combined with candied fruit, and this is topped with white icing, producing very sweet and fresh candies

Soupe au pistou: Consisting of various summer vegetables, beans, pasta and, of course, pistou (a French version of the Italian pesto), it is sometimes topped off with some grated cheese and always thoroughly enjoyed.

Une Information Intéressante

  • Aix en Provence is known for its old buildings and amazing architect. Buildings such as the Aix Cathedral and Église Saint-Jean-de-Malte are famous.

  • Aix en Provence is also known for its universities and its famous music festival, Aix en Provence Festival.

  • Aix en provence was first founded by romans and originally named Aquae Sextiae.

  • Because of the hot springs present the romans used Aix en provence, Aquae Sextiae, as a city between Italy and Spain to have a spa like spring.

  • Aix definitely transformed over the time it was founded and now because even though it still contains its old buildings the city itself now focuses on teachings in universities.

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Aix-en-Provence Festival

The Festival International d'Art Lyrique d'Aix-en-Provence is an annual international music festival which takes place each summer in Aix-en-Provence, principally in the month of July

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