They are Masterminds!!

9 Week Update

We have reached so many different levels!


We concluded our group and the last 3 weeks were a transformation for many.

If your child has not shared, I want to update you on what happened!

Session 7-9 Highlights

Session #7 - Motivation

  • Students wrote out five things that motivated them.
  • Students learned the difference between intrinsic motivation and external motivation.
  • We connected goal setting to motivation and how knowing what you want and the steps to take to attain your goal is very important. Be SMART!

Will you keep pushing yourself if you know there is no physical prize to win?

Session #8 - Support Systems & Attitude

  • Students watched a small video that illustrated how their mentality connects to decisions that they make and how these decisions can push them or stop them from growing. --> Here is where we transitioned to our support team! Who has your back?
  • A safe space is where a child believes they are being heard, where they can just express their thoughts and feelings without feeling judged.
  • Students discussed the importance of having encouragement and how being comfortable allows them to be more open to expressing themselves.
  • Students identified up to 6 people in their life they could trust and who are in their corner.

It is important to not only know who has your child's back but who your child perceives as having their best interest. This can open up discussions about decision making.

Who do you think your child picked?

Session #9 - Reach for the Stars

  • Students were paired up and participated in an activity where they visually saw how putting forth 100% effort (the first time), setting a goal, and having someone who encourages them can take them to new heights.
  • Students went around the room and discussed the level of their transformation since participating in the group.
  • Students pointed out other group members' impact on them in their growth process.

  • Students took a self-assessment and completed a group evaluation! Every student recommended the group for future 5th grade students.

It was beautiful to see!

Thank you for allowing me to work with your kids and perhaps I can work with them in another capacity in the future!

Individual or Additional Counseling Request...

As we wind down, I recognize, some students may need additional attention and I will be happy to meet with you and your child if you believe some additional assistance may be needed. Please complete a referral request and I will follow up with those details as we get closer to the end of group.

Questions ?

I am here for any additional support you may need.

Remember, the group is confidential unless a child's safety is in question. Feel free to ask your child about their experience!