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Go Noodle

Go Noodle - Keep kids motivated, active and focused with these free brain breaks!



Are you ready to have some fun?
  • On your device or laptop, open
  • Enter the Pin number projected on the screen and click Enter.
  • Type in your name and click Join Game.
  • Wait for the teacher to begin the game.
Good Luck!


Quizizz is very similar to Kahoot, except the questions appear on the students' devices.
Let's try it out!

  • On your device or laptop, open
  • Click Join a Game.
  • Enter the Game Code the teacher provides and click Go.
  • Type in your name and click Join Game.
  • Wait for the teacher to begin the game.

Good Luck!


Kiddle is a visual search engine for kids. Searches the web, images, news and videos.


Are you ready to learn something new?
  1. Open
  2. Click on the Join Session button.
  3. Type in the Pin Number the teacher gives you.
  4. Wait for the teacher to begin.

Nearpod also has an App for most devices!


EDpuzzle allows you to trim a video to show only the part you need. Embed questions to hold your students accountable during the video.

  1. Open
  2. Click Login.
  3. Select Student.
  4. If you do not have an account, select Sign Up at the bottom of the screen. (no email required)
  5. Click Add Class.
  6. Type in the Code -eZ4rxg.
  7. Click Join the Class.
  8. Choose the Blue Start Button under the video.
  9. Click the Play button to begin the assignment.

That Quiz

ThatQuiz is especially great for math teachers because of the mathematical symbols, graphs, etc. that can easily be created inside of the program. You can signup and upload your classes or use it without creating an account. ThatQuiz also includes activities for Science, Geography and Vocabulary.

For directions on how to effectively use That Quiz, check out Mathy Cathy's Blog post.

Trading Cards

Trading Cards by Read Write Think allows students to share their understanding of various topics. Available on the Web and as an app for IOS and Android.

Create trading cards for any number of categories, including:

  • Fictional person
  • Real person
  • Fictional place
  • Real place
  • Object
  • Event
  • Vocabulary word

Let's Play Bingo!

Bingo Baker lets you create an online Bingo game that can be played on any device.


Click the Free space.
Click the answers to the problems as they are called out.
Shout Bingo if you win!

The paid version ($14.95 for a lifetime) of Bingo Baker lets you add images to the cards. Here is an example:

QR Codes

QR codes - they're everywhere, but how can they be used in the classroom?
The easiest QR Code Reader is I-Nigma. It is available for most devices.

  • Let's check these out:
  • States and Capitals
  • Inverse Operations
  • Genetics
  • Inequality Word Problems
  • Properties of Matter
  • Story Cubes
  • Canterbury Tales
  • Famous Texas Battles
  • Homework Help

  • Easy method for curating digital content
  • Webmixes (curated sites) are saved in the cloud, so they are accessible anywhere
  • Visually engaging for students and educators

Symbalooedu Tutorial Webmix
Kindergarten Webmix
National Geographic Webmix
Ebook - Read to Me
B&N Online Storytime
E-Book #1
E-Book Set 2
Starfall Books
Apps for Autism
Reading & Technology
Virtual Field Trips

Spelllng City & Science4Us

VocabularySpellingCity is an award-winning site with ongoing introduction of new features, many based on input from existing users. The site and app include efficient game-based study of literacy skills using any word list.
Science4Us is an interactive standards-based science curriculum that provides foundational skills for K-2nd grade students.


Newsela is an online news-as-literacy platform that includes current articles in seven categories: War & Peace, Science, Health, Kids, Money, Law, and Arts. The articles are Common Core-aligned and available in five Lexile levels. Each leveled text includes a quiz and a writing prompt about the article.

Quick Start Guide for Teachers
Newsela Worksheet


Seesaw - students can independently document what they are learning at school.

Students capture learning with photos and videos of their work, or by adding digital creations. Everything gets organized in one place and is accessible to teachers from any device.


Vocaroo allows you to create voice recordings and send them through email. No need to install any software!


Thinglink makes pictures interactive with text, images, videos and links and will work on any device.
Class Example
Quadratic Functions Example
26+ Ways to Use ThinkLink in the Classroom


ESGI - A simple and secure assessment platform that provides teachers to conduct one-on-one assessments. Use the pre-loaded tests, or create your own assessments, to quickly gather student performance data and automatically generate multiple reports.

Mixbook EDU

MIxbook EDU - Students can create customizable photo books for free. Parents can view the photo books and can even purchase a hardback copy.
Famous Americans
10 Influential American Authors
Ordering Food in Spanish for Dummies
World War I

Adobe Spark (Slate)

Adobe Spark (Slate) - Turn your next newsletter, report, invitation or travel adventure into a gorgeous story. Your Slate web story gets its own URL and can be shared via text message, email, posted on social media accounts or embedded on blogs or personal websites. Also available as an IOS app.
Student Example

Shadow PuppetEDU App

Shadow PuppetEDU is a free IOS app that allows the user to easily create videos to explain an idea, tell a story and document learning.
To create an ABC Book:
  1. Each student is assigned a letter of the alphabet to illustrate. They must write the letter and draw a picture of something that begins with that letter.
  2. After students have completed their illustration, the teacher takes a picture of each drawing.
  3. The teacher then has each student record the name of their letter and what begins with that letter. Example: "A is for alligator".
  4. You will want to create a beginning an ending slide for your book, such as a class picture or a sign that says Mrs. Smith's Class Alphabet Book.
  5. When the book has been recorded, you have several sharing options to choose from within the ShadowPuppetEDU app.

Click on the "ideas" icon within the Shadow PuppetEDU app for integration ideas. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Sequencing - Tell about a process or event by using transition words (e.g., schedule for the day, timeline of historical events, etc).
  2. Summarizing - Take a picture of the book cover. Students record a summary of the book.
  3. Reading fluency - Students record themselves reading the text.
  4. Creative storytelling - Students work together to develop a story, take photos, and record a narrative.
  5. Self-published authors - Students write, illustrate, and record original stories, poems, or ABC books.
  6. Readers theater - Student draw pictures to match their assigned part of the story. Order the pictures and have students record their lines.
  7. About Me presentations - Makes for a fun beginning of the year activity.
  8. Show and tell - Students share interesting things related to the curriculum being studied.
  9. How-to tutorials - Create step by step directions for how to achieve a desired outcome (e.g., how to make cookies).
  10. Community & culture - Create slideshows of community workers or leaders, holidays around the world, or cultures and customs.
  11. Math word problems - Students create word problems such as, "In this photo there are 3 red blocks and 2 green blocks. The total number of blocks is 5 because 3 plus 2 equals 5."

Augmented Reality

What is augmented reality? Movies have given us a sense of “alternative reality” for years. Augmented reality makes something come to life! It seems like magic.
Let's take a look at a few of my favorites:
Aurasma and $1.00 and $20.00 Bills - Aurasma in the Classroom
The Cell from ColAR Mix -
NASA Spacecraft 3D - NASA

AR Flashcards -

Osmo (Formerly Tangible Play)

Osmo (formerly Tangible Play) mixes Augmented Reality with traditional board games for an engaging learning experience. There are currently four games available:

The Osmo currently sells for $79.99, which includes all 4 games and free shipping.

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