Crimean War

by: nico gargano

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background history on the Crimean War

* started in 1853 and ended in 1856

*fight was between russia and the allies.

*all started by the tsar of russia (Nicholas I) to make wrongful mistakes and he told Alexander Menshikov to blame Turkish obstinacy on the British Ambassador

* Russia refused the Ottoman compromise proposal

*Russia also broke relations with turkey

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Where was this war?

*All of the wars took place in Crimea. Therefor getting the name "Crimean War"

*A major battle spot was in Sevastopal

*Russia ended up losing in Baltic, Crimea

important people during the Crimean War

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Nicholas I

* The Tsar of Russia during Crimean war

*ordered troops to get more warm water ports in the black sea

*ignited flame between the allies and Russia

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Alexander Menshikov

* Broke allies with turkey

*took orders from Nicholas I to try and take over warm water ports in black sea

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russia's "million man army"

* Russia had more soldiers than guns, they only got to equip 600,000 soldiers with rifles.

*tried to take over the weak Ottoman Empire at the time for warm water ports.

*Allies fight back Russia from taking over the Ottoman Empire

*Russia loses to the Allies in 1856 in Baltic, Crimea


Russia wanted to take over multiple warm water ports in the black sea and since the Ottoman Empire was weak at the time, they decided to strike but the Allies came in to save the Ottoman Empire and succeeded by defeating Russia.