ACTS 7th Grade Newsletter

March 21-23, 2016

Final New York Payment is due Wednesday, March 23rd.

Science - Mrs. Sexton

We will continue our study of human body systems. We will be looking at the skeletal, muscular, nervous, and integumentary systems prior to Spring Break. We will have a test during the week after Spring Break.

Science - Mrs. Griffin

The students will be working with the respiratory system this week. They will have graded assignments to check for understanding but there will not be a test this week. Please remember to check '' 7 Assignments" on my webpage.

Social Studies - Mrs. Babb

Students will be completing a unit on the Cold War this week, but we will review and test following Spring Break. I am very proud of the hard work my classes put into the Citizenship essays. I combined their daily work on the essays into one grade.Thank you for returning parental permission forms promptly.Mrs Benjamin will collect their essays on Tuesday, and we will share them with each other Monday.

I hope you enjoy time with your child over the vacation.

ELA & Social Studies - Mrs. Owensby

7th Grade SS

Students will study the consequences of WWII on Germany, Russia, and Japan as well as the reaction of the Jewish population.

7th Grade ELA

Students will continue meeting in their new book clubs and will work independently and with a partner to strengthen editing skills.

Math - Mr. Smith

7th grade math students continue to work in chapter 14 in statistical analysis. We are expanding our knowledge of measurements like mean and median to learn how the data distribution gives us important information.

Students have been using Show Me videos to review previous work in preparation for end of year testing. Students have been asked to watch and take notes on selected videos and have been quizzed on their content (using their notes)

We will assess chapter 14 with an in class partner project on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

There is no school Thursday or Friday of this week, and we will be out the week after Easter for Spring Break! Have a great Spring Break!

Dance - Mrs. Brewington

7th dance focus: End of Year showcase dance begins as we "Hold out for a hero" On Fridays we will learn song/dance for ARTS SMASH opening/closing number. Muscles and Bones test is April 7th. Dance Injuries Information book was assigned March 23rd. Book due April 22nd.

Drama - Mrs. Keenan

7th grade Drama Focus students have been sharing original scenes based on Greek mythology to add to our production of "The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza." We will be selecting scenes and commercials they wrote to enhance our production. The show is Thursday, April 21. We will have an after school rehearsal from 3 - 5 pm on Wednesday, April 21. We are searching for a lot of props, including toy nerf guns, water guns, a millennium falcon, a giant hippo, a giant fish, a wooden rocking horse, and old baby dolls.

7th grade Drama Rotation viewed a college production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Students are now creating a show poster for publicity using tools for digital design. Posters are due Wednesday, March 23.

Thanks to everyone who participated in any way to make our final bake sales a success!

Strings - Ms. Hrivnak

7th grade focus will be rehearsing Instant Recruiting Concert, The Incredibles, and Hairy the Spider. Information regarding a music history skit and instructional video project will be provided before dismissing for spring break.

Art - Mr. Winchester

7th Grade Art Focus is working to complete their clear candy wrapper studies with oil pastels. Our focus is placed on the folds in the packaging and the highlights created on the shiny wrapper.