We hope this long week was good for all of you. Some of our students have been sick, so hopefully they will get well soon. WE MISS THEM!!!

We remind you that we are attending Mass every Thursday, so please send them with the complete uniform. We also want to remind all the parents that if they have not sent the Pre-K 3 survey back, to do so ASAP or in your yellow envelope this week. It is very important to send it back EVEN when you do not think that your child needs any kind of help. We need to receive them because we have to put it in his/her file every month.

We request some help from you: If you have old magazines or/and newspaper could you please send some with your child tomorrow or on Friday?? Thank you very much!

We need them for our next project.

Thanks a lot to all our volunteers! We really appreciate everything you do. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, again for all your help and support.


Phonics: During this three day week, we are introducing the letter “CH” “ch.” This means that the whole week we are going to be singing, dancing, coloring, cutting and pasting this funny letter and practice writing with this letter.

Science: We will also talk about how important it is to brush our teeth, eat healthy and use dental floss for keeping our teeth in good condition.

Math: We are also still working, counting and recognizing symbol and quantity of the numbers from 1 to 10, by singing, dancing, coloring, cutting and pasting these numbers.

Religion: We now know more about our lovely Father and our wonderful brother Jesus, this week, we are introducing the song “De que color es la piel de Dios ?” (What color is our Lord skin?), so you can find it on “youtube” and practice it at home. We are learning more about Psalm 23rd too and I want to remind you that this month’s prayer is “Angelito de mi guarda” (My little Angel Guardian), they must memorize it, so you can help your child pray every night before going to bed as well.

“Angelito de mi guarda, mi dulce compania, no me desampares ni de noche ni de dia”.

Parents, we hope you are having a wonderful week. Miss Sonia and Miss Marseille.