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World Heritage Student Exchange

Explore different cultures--right in the comfort of your own home!

World Heritage is currently welcoming families to host our International high school exchange students for the 2014-15 school year. Students range in age from 15-18 years old and represent many different countries from around the world. Students come with their own medical coverage, provide their own spending money, and are looking forward to being involved in all aspects of family life.
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Featured Student

Jajar from Thailand

Jajar is from the Southern part of Thailand, there she lives with her parents and brother. According to her friends, Jajar has a good personality. "I'm an easy going person, I love to have fun and joke around with friends." Jajar studies in a science-mathematics program in school. She attends school daily at 7am and leaves at 5pm. She has a lot of of really good friends at school. They enjoy studying and playing together, "we help one another with our homework and help explain when someone doesn't understand something." After school Jajar enjoys watching TV, playing sports and reading books--"I like to read genre fiction story." Jajar also loves singing, dancing and playing music. "My favorite musical instrument is the Ukulele." Jajar currently works part-time at a nursery to earn some extra money, "I love playing with children." In the future, Jajar's dream job is to be a flight attendant. She would like to learn a new culture and is very interested in studying languages. "I feel really excited to go studying abroad." She knows this will be a good experience, and plans to use this opportunity to improve herself for her future work. Jajar will do her best to make herself and her family proud as a successful exchange student. "I am looking forward to meeting my future host family and live my life as an exchange student."
We currently have students from France, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Germany, China, Thailand, Japan, Azerbaijan & Russia (to name a few) who are ready to be placed with a host family. World Heritage students are personable, academically selected, conversant in English, bright, curious, excited and ready to learn about America by living as part of your family, attending high school and sharing their own culture and language with you.

To learn more visit: www.whhosts.com