Survival on a Deserted Island

Finding Food and Water

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Finding Suitable Water

Finding water is the most important thing for your survival. You can live longer from just drinking water than if you just eat food. You MUST try to find water before anything else.

  • You need to find clean water like from a clear stream
  • DO NOT drink, bathe or clean things in water that is black or smells
  • If water has dirt in it use shirt or some other cloth as a filter
  • If it is raining use something to collect the water

Creating a Solar Water Still

  1. Dig a hole about a feet deep and about two feet wide
  2. place something to contain the water in the center
  3. Put vegetation around the container, but not above it
  4. Place a sheet of some material that won't absorb water
  5. place rocks on the edge of the sheet
  6. place a smaller rock in the center of the sheet

Water should condense on the sheet and drip into the container

Finding Food

Fish is the easiest Food to get. Without a fishing pole, you will need to spear fish. To spear fish take branch and sharpen the end as best as you can. once sharp enough, stand on a rock and wait for the fish to settle at the bottom. If you can't find a suitable rock to stand on, Wade into the water, but move slowly as to not spook the fish.

Fishing doesn't always work. When this happens, all you have to do is find fruits you know. Eating certain insects is also possible (grasshoppers, some ants) as long as they are dead.