Omega News

Week of October 12th

5th Grade

In Omega, we continued working on our global issues unit. The students are currently getting an introduction to each of the 10 global issues so that they can choose which issue interests them the most. Once they pick a topic, they will investigate this issue thoroughly and create a project using their strengths and interests deliver their information.

In our enrichment period, we have started looking into the way we impact our world and the environment. The students have discovered their own personal ecological footprint, and they will soon discover what all of that means and how we can reduce our impact on the world.

6th Grade

In Omega, the students have completed their research for their Middle Ages events, and they are now working on putting together their lessons on their respective events.

In our enrichment period, the students are finishing up their Road Trip proportions project. Once they're done with that, they will begin their Bibliotherapy unit. For this, each student has selected a book with a gifted character. They will read the book and we will do some work with character analysis and comparison. This will help us address some of the social and emotional issues that come along with being a gifted child.

7th & 8th Grade

Students should now have an idea of what they'll be doing for their independent projects this year. We will work in the next few weeks on establishing timelines and personal goals for the long-term project

In our enrichment time for 7th grade, we continued to work on our history and science extension projects.

In our enrichment time for 8th grade, we have started discussing Anthem by Ayn Rand, now that the students have completed the novel.

5th Grade field trip

Wednesday, Oct. 21st, 8am-2:30pm

1 Natures Way

Lancaster, PA

All of our 5th grade Omega students will be traveling to Lancaster Environmental Center for our field trip on Native American and Conestoga history.

Weekly Gifted Fact

Does your child have emotions that seem really intense? One of the characteristics of many gifted children is to have emotional intensities. This could manifest itself in many different ways, and can have both positives and negatives impacts on the student. Below is a link if you would like to read a little more about this common gifted characteristic.