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The Best of Greek Culture

Purpose of This Tour

The purpose of this new and exciting tour is to show people how the Greek culture has greatly influenced our lives in 2013. This tour will have three stops that best show Greek influence in the structure and design of buildings and entertainment today. The three stops will emphasize on Greek contribution to theater, architecture, and sports.


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On the first stop of our tour we will be seeing Peter and the Starcatchers, a comedic Broadway play, which we will be watching at the Brooks Atkinson Theater. The Greeks created comedic plays. Aristophanes was one of the most famous Greek comedic playwrights. Thespis was one of the first Greek actors, which is why actors today are called Thespians. It is best to come see this play in Victoriaville over any other city because Victoriaville will provide you with the perfect atmosphere. If you are interested in learning about Greek contributions, you should definitely come join us in seeing Peter and the Starcatchers to understand how Greeks have influenced our theater today.


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The second stop on our tour of Victoriaville will be to The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Our main goal while visiting this museum is to experience the Greek architecture. While we are there, you will notice the columns around the outside of the building. Columns are a direct influence of the Greeks. The design and layout of many buildings today have been modified and developed from Greek architecture. For example, the Greeks were the ones to come up with the idea of using columns to support buildings. If you enjoy learning about how previous cultures have influenced us today, then you should come join us on this tour, where you will get to experience it first-hand.


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The final stop on our tour will be to watch an Olympic event. Lucky for us, the Olympics are being held in Victoriaville this year! We will be watching a running race which was one of the original events from the Greek Olympics. We will be watching the race in a newly built arena, just for the 2013 Summer Olympics. The Greeks first started the Olympics to honor one of their gods, Zeus. We continued this tradition, but changed a few things like the events, the place it is held, and the prizes for the winners. By watching this event, any Greek-lover will get to experience a tradition started by the

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