Mrs. Rorabaw's E:21 Journey

Educate - Excite - Engage

2014-2015 Journey

In October of 2014 our students at Evans' Elementary received iPads and Discovery Education began to train teachers on ways to bring teaching into the 21st century. I was able to you many Spotlight strategies from Discovery Education and some 2.0 tools. Management of iPads was more difficult at the beginning but as we went throughout the years I found new ways to manage them better but it was still a work in progress. Some of my concerns at the beginning were how to find time to teach the TEKS and teach new technology tools. I've learned to teach a tool as I use it to teach my TEKS and then the next time allow the students to use the tool to create a project that show what they know about that TEK or another TEK. One thing I am still trying to remember not to do is throw too many tools at the students. Sometime too many is not good.


This is a great tool for watching videos and making them interactive with my students. I can ask questions, highlight important information, draw picture and add images. My students created their own as well to share with the class.