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Human Trafficking in Nuevo leon

Well Human trafficking in nueo Leon is basically a state full with crime death violence corrupted police officers but one thing in nuevo leon is the most problematic thing there human trafficking.There are 23 women killed every year in nuevo leon also most of the women taken were either kidnapped,taken of the street or some are taken from their houses they do that by gunpoint and threats in front of family members the people responsible for these kidnappings

are a dangerous group called ''zetas'' .

What is being done about the problem?

''in general government international varies-while some countries are creating policies that work for their Culture, others are lagging with no counter-laws at all''. there are only 6 countries that have human trafficking laws those countries are the United States,India,Cambodia,South Korea,Sweden, and Denmark.

human trafficking

this website helps and also support people to stop human trafficking and also were it happens and allot of other info

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