Week 6 Updates


You and I make a wonderful team!

We had a wonderful time making lanterns and tasting mooncakes in celebration of the Chinese Moon Festival on Friday. A BIG thank you to the parents who have donated mooncakes, prepared craft materials, and assisted centers. One of our room parents, Andrew, has also taken beautiful pictures of C22Hero. You may check them out on our class Shutterfly! :)

Better Immersion is an additional curriculum to support Mandarin Language Arts. We have online accounts ready for you to use at home! The log-in information pertaining to your child will be sent home in Tuesday red folders. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Urgent Matters


Week 6 Learning


Mandarin language Arts: 九 (9), 小 (small)

Reading: How Old Are You?

Math: solid shapes continued


Mandarin Language Arts:

四 (4)

drawing: draw four things

七 (7)

drawing: draw seven things

Math: 14.5-14.6