All About Muslims

Muslims believe in one god called Allah. Their holy book is the Koran. Their key beliefs are the five pillars. Pillar one is belief in Allah. Pillar two is pray five times a day, morning, mid-day, evening, sunset and before bed. The third pillar is share to the poor. The fourth pillar is fasting whenever chosen. The fifth pillar is annual pilgrimage. Some rituals are mecca, shabath, salat, zackth, styam, and annual hajj. They worship at the Mosque. Their worship leaders are called Muhammad and Imam. They have two sects: sunni and shi'i. Their holidays are Ramadan. The ninth month celebrates Allah giving a message. They fast during daylight hours. Another holiday is annual hajj. It is when they go to the Kabba. The Kabba is their holy site.
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