Seventh Edition

The Month of MOMS!

Many people say being a Mom is one of the most under appreciated jobs out there. We are therapists, cooks, drivers, mediators, nurses, sometimes doctors, teachers, mentors, personal shoppers, secretaries, "office" managers, cleaning ladies, dental hygienists, need I go on?? I'm sure there is more... All for these little beings and possibly a grown-up being, that without us, would be lost with no direction in this world. Where is OUR thank-you, OUR raise in salary or promotion, OUR recognition & awards?

Every time they hug you, kiss you, score a goal, break down in laughter, call for you when they are hurt, bring home a ribbon from the science fair, cuddle with you, graduate from high school, come to you for advice, graduate from college, make a good decision, learn from bad decisions, walk down the aisle, WHEN THEY GROW INTO THAT AMAZING PERSON THEY ARE MEANT TO BE, IT'S OUR REWARD.

BUT, even after all that, it is still nice to have one day in May where people HAVE to tell you thank you, give you rewards, or even maybe give you a SLIGHT raise in your salary.

Happy Mother's Day, Ladies! And, for those who aren't moms, Happy Mother's Day to your Mamas! XOXO!

This COULD be YOU!


I am looking for about 2 or 3 ladies to join our team. If you would like to make an extra $500 or more a month, please contact me and we can discuss if this could be a good opportunity for you! We have women who put 5-6 hours/week into this as a hobby all the way to full-time as a career. So, whether you need a break from the everyday, or need a little boost to help out financially, this could be for you!

Contact me at OR

by phone: 314.761.8670

April Autism Shows

A HUGE thank you to my hostesses this month! Because of you, we were able to raise money for Autism! 100% of all my commissions this past month went to two different places.

Anda Seale's show raised money for Firefly Autism School of Denver

Windy Zurcher's show raised money for Firefly Autism School of Denver

Lisa Litvag's VIRTUAL show raised money for Autism Speaks in St. Louis

Thank you, ladies, for all your help! And, now you get to enjoy lots of FREE product credits from hosting as well!


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Is it Patio Weather YET?

With summer just around the corner, May is THE month to HOST your show, so you can pick up some free product credits to help refresh your Spring & Summer wardrobes!

Our new Summer, 2015 Line was just launched, so be the first in your group to debut these gorgeous new products with your friends! Plus, I will be on hand to talk about the new trends, assist with styling those hard-to-figure out pieces in your and your friends' wardrobes, and update wardrobes on a budget.

Find out how easy it is host!

Call me! 314.761.8670

Email me!

Into The Blue!

When you host in May, you and your guests will receive these amazing pieces at 50% off on orders over $50!!

I must say, this is my favorite collection of trunk show exclusives in awhile! They have the Rory Necklaces, Sardinia Bracelet, Kimberly Drop Earrings AND Necklace all in the same group!

If I HAD to pick, I would say DO NOT pass on the Kimberly Earrings and Necklace. These two pieces can turn into a MAJOR staple in any closet. They are easy and light-weight to wear with just about ANYTHING. And, the necklace lays so beautifully around the neck.

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What's New for Summer?

The Capri Tunic

Just when I thought Stella & Dot couldn't possibly get better, the DID! They introduced a NEW line this Summer...The Capri Tunic! Be the first to try out these beautiful, original, LIMITED-EDITION designs. They are great as a top, dress or cover-up. AND, they come in sizes for little girls, too!
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"V" is Versatile!

Blythe Harris, our Chief Executive Officer, gathered much of her inspiration for our new Summer Line from the beaches, landscape, and oceans of Hawaii. You will see the waves breaking in our Indigo Capri Wrap, the natural beauty of the sands meeting the ocean meeting the sunrise in our Isa and Zuni layering necklaces. What a refreshing way to wear Summer this year!

DID YOU KNOW? When you see the Stella & Dot trademarked "V" next to a product, make sure you check out all the different ways that piece can be worn!

Accessorizing Tip

How to stack and create your OWN arm party!

It's as easy as 1,2,3!

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Get Your Mom What She REALLY Wants!

Get Made Up for Mother's Day!

Below are some great ideas to help you accessorize & sparkle on Mother's Day. It's OUR turn to shine and feel GORGEOUS! :-)

Scarves for a Steal!

Spend $50 and get these beautiful scarves for only $14.99 (a $59 deal!)

Get in on this deal NOW through THIS MONDAY, MAY 4th!

Don't Forget About Teachers!

It's ALMOST the end of the school year! Do you believe it!? Don't forget to pick up something special for those amazing teachers in yours, and your children's lives. They deserve it!

Have a Fabulous Mother's Day!

XOXO, Amy Bell

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