Magnifier Tool

Assistive Technology for Windows

Ease of Access Center

Windows offers many tools to make it easier to use your computer. The Magnifier tool is just one of many tools that is provided in the Ease of Access Center within the Control Panel of your computer.

Locating the Magnifier Tool

  • Click on your computer's Start button
  • Click on Control Panel
  • Click on Ease of Access Center
  • The Start Magnifier option is one of four main options located within the Ease of Access Center

Use of the Magnifier Tool

The Magnifier tool enlarges what you are viewing on your computer screen so that it can be seen more easily. There are three options that accompany this tool:
  1. Full screen mode - the entire computer screen is magnified
  2. Lens mode - only the area around the cursor is magnified. As you move the cursor, the magnified area moves too.
  3. Docked mode - only a portion of the computer screen is magnified, and you can choose which portion it is.

Use in the Classroom

The Magnifier tool can be used in my classroom in a number of ways. I can use it to enlarge a portion of my computer screen when I am demonstrating to my students how to access something on the computer. Most of my classes are held in an amphitheater and are composed of about 40 students, so the students who sit towards the back of the room may have a difficult time seeing what I am projecting from my computer screen. This tool will make it much easier for all students, no matter where they are sitting, to see what I am showing them on my computer.

Another use of this tool could be with vision-impaired students. I have had several students in my classes in the past who were legally blind and needed notes, handouts and tests in large print. Rather than guessing the size that they needed and printing these materials for them, I could instead allow these students to access these documents using the computer labs at my school. The students can use the magnifier tool and can choose the amount of magnification they need using the tool options that best suit them.

Resources to learn more about the Magnifier Tool

Please check out the video and the link below to learn more about how to use the Magnifier tool.
Windows 7: Screen Magnifier