The Future of Jake Griffin

"The only source of knowledge is expirence"-Albert Einstein

Me, Myself, and My Thinking.

A little bit about me is that I love tough challenges, sports, working on a project, and being active. My skills are eating and sports. I learn by taking a visual approach. All of these things need to be considered when deciding on a career because, i don't want to wake up for work, and let out a sigh of sadness, I want to get excited for my job. I just need to add one more thing about me, Go Buckeyes

My Career as a...

When I get older I would like to be a college coach.

To be a coach you have to understand the game and how its played. You teach college kids to play and compete versus others.

Median salary - $49,410

Job outlook - 29%

This is in the Education and training career cluster.

A normal schedule for this position would include practice, watching film, meetings, and tweaking the playboook.

You will spend half of your time on the field either in practice or in a game, but sometimes you will be in your office.

Something interesting is the fact that you get to have fun with sports while doing your job.

Getting There is Part of the Fun!

- I would like to attend The Ohio State University, it is located in Columbus, Ohio

- I've loved this college since i was born, I was born a buckeye

- The majority of coaches at this level only need a Bachelor's Degree

- Annually its about 25k for a non resident

- I want either a Master's Degree or a Phd