Facts and Tips

Addiction statistics

In 2013 alone 570,000 people died from addiction alone.

2 million teens from the ages 12-17 need treatment for addiction.

Only about 150,000 out of 2 million get the help needed.

In 2009 there were 4.9 million drug related ED visits.

27.1% involved nonmedical use of pharmaceuticals

21.2% involved illicit drugs.

14.3% were involved alcohol in combination other drugs.

Cocaine was involved in 422,896 ED visits.

Marijuana involved in 376,467 ED visits.

Heroin was involved in 213,118.

How do I get help?

Where do I get help?

Am I an addict?


How do I get help?

You can call or message helplines like Solutions Recovery.

Where do I get help?

You can go to Passages Malibu.

Am I an addict?

You can call a treatment hotline and they will talk to you and find out if you really are an addict.