Kylee Gutierrez


Google is a technology company that specializes in developing new technologies for consumer application. Google is a massive company with nearly 60 billion dollar in the bank. Google head quarters is located in mountain view, CA. Google is creating a better web that's better for the environment. They are greening their company by using resources efficiently and supporting renewable power. Since 2007, they have repurposed enough outdated servers to avoid buying over 300,000 new replacement machines. Before they buy new equipment and materials, they look for ways to reuse what we already have. When they can’t find a new use for our equipment, they completely erase any components that store data, and then resell them into the market—giving our equipment a second life. That means when you use Google products, you’re being better to the environment. They believe that industry collaboration is important to driving sustainability in the technology sector. They do this by supporting research and bringing thought leaders together to share challenges and best practices.