Michael Phelps

"The Greatest Olympian of all time"


Michael shared a common interest with his sisters, brought about my his mother who wanted her children to be comfortable in the water. Michael at first swam for safety but soon begin to fall in love, although he would never put his head under. Phelps was very active kid who was participating in baseball, lacrosse, soccer as well as swimming, he stuck with swimming when his coach told him he could make the Olympic team in 4 years (he was eleven). Since that time his coach helped to create a goal sheet that would propel him to move forward. A young Phelps knew that education was important, he would go from the pool to school to the pool then home to homework, he was very busy.


To make the United States Olympic Swim Team

(Reached at age 15)


  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Fear of Water
  • The Media

How he reached his Goals

  • Phelps channeled his time and energy to the pool
  • Never quit
  • Strong support from mother
Phelps wins 18th Gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics
Men's Swimming 100m Butterfly Final - London 2012 Olympics