Weekly Launch

January 28-Feb. 1


Please watch your paper usage. We have gone through 15 cases of paper in 5 days!!

Don't forget to share your input with the SBAC by Jan. 29th if you wish.

5th grade reading benchmark and 4th grade writing benchmarks have been moved to the week of Feb. 25th.

Food items for the CCISD Cares food drive can be brought to the office next week.

Important Dates

January 28

Sweeney out all day

2nd grade planning day am

Comp. Lab 508 closed all week

C4-2nd grade

Watch DOG-Mr. Emlet-Ryu-Chancey-PE

January 29-

Kinder planning pm

Dennis Lee-1:30 gym whole school

Watch D.O.G.-Mr. McCracken-Corey-Steiger-PE

C4-3rd grade

January 30-



Watch DOG-Mr. Andrews-Lily/Chloe/Kaylee-McIntyre/Bach/Serbantez-PE/PE

Dreambox webinar 4-5 p.m.

January 31


Watch DOG-

February 1


Character Connection

Grading Period ends

Watch D.O.G.-Mr. Thompson-Pippa/Ollie-Benson/Rathburn-PE/Art

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Gratitude

Word of the Month-Trustworthiness

Morning Announcements-Turrentine

Word of the Week-intend

Shout Outs

Shout out to Jeannie Neyland for pushing through GT testing of 49 kindergarteners

Shout out to Third grade for covering Strawn's class when the sub had to suddenly leave.

Shout out to the whole SLL team for persevering and helping each other out daily!

Compliment Corner

This compliment is for Jeannie Neyland because she is always looking for resources to help us extend. She also came and helped set up an it's learning course for our students to use as a choice board!-Lacey Turrentine

This compliment is for Ms. Allison, our cashier-because she is always so kind to all the kids she sees in the cafeteria line.All kids leave with their tray with a smile on their face-Lacey Turrentine

Big picture

Perfect Attendance-Florez class reached it for the second time!

Big picture

Grow 360 flyer-make sure you have signed up for transportation and lunch


PBIS Classroom Ideas that Affirm Kids and Promote Positive Classroom Behavior

Have a Student of the Day

Pick a “student of the day” that has exhibited strong character and learning habits in the classroom. Give them special privileges for the day, such as sitting in a more comfortable seat for the class, wearing a crown or picking the music during independent work time. Allowing students to be recognized for their positive attitude and work habits will further encourage the positive behavior. Additionally, making PBIS “student of the day” a fun incentive will have students working to earn it.

Put Students in the “Hot Seat”

The “hot seat” means that all eyes will be on one student’s excellent work. Circulate during independent work time to see which student has a solid start to the work, and use their work as the exemplar for the entire class. Project or read the work and explain how this student has met the criteria for success. Be intentional about highlighting students who may not always get this type of affirmation. This can excite the student but also influence their peers to try their best to make a great product as well.

Track Positive Behaviors

When students are kind, helpful and show strong work habits, give them points. Customize the behaviors to exemplify the habits you expect students to exhibit in class. You can track behavior points using the Kickboard app or a system you create. This system can be a great way to highlight the positive attributes students bring to class so make sure you tie points to the specific behaviors students are exhibiting.

Make Positive Phone Calls or Texts

It can be challenging to make a number of positive phone calls each night, but it means so much for parents to hear encouraging feedback about their child’s classroom involvement. Make a plan to complete two PBIS-related phone calls a night, which could mean that all parents get one call each month. Intentionally find a moment to highlight all students.

Texting could be even faster! Send parents pictures and a quick message about something great their child did in class.

Give Awards

A printable PBIS certificate will go a long way. If you have Kickboard, set a goal for students to hit and celebrate when they make the “Super Star” list. Highlight student grades, character traits, habits, and other accomplishments by presenting small awards. This can be in the form of a ceremony or simply handed out at the end of the class. This permanent artifact will remind students about their greatness.

Give Shout-Outs

Simply put: notice about a student. Teach students to shout each other out as well. Have shout-out cards or a special way shout outs are done at the end of class. They can be shouts-outs rooted in values that are emphasized in class such as perseverance or positivity. Or, it can simply be a shout out because it’s someone’s birthday. Make positive affirmation normal in your classroom to encourage students and support their esteem.

All kids have had a moment that is worth highlighting, be it academic achievement, effort or kindness. Giving students affirmation for the gifts that they bring to the classroom will promote positivity. Make the time to let students shine and see how it helps the entire class thrive.

Henry was so proud to give Coach B a pair of Crocs to match his!

Big picture