Developing Commentary- Examples

By: Jake Turman

How do I develop commentary?

When you develop commentary, you are connecting your evidence in a short answer response back to your initial reasoning. This helps your paper to flow in a way that helps the reader to comprehend why you used the evidence that you did.

Example in a short answer response...

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This is commentary because it is explaining why "logos" was used to persuade Aragon to choose the box that he did. It gives the reader insight as to why this example is the proper example to use, as well as explaining it's purpose.

Another example...

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We can see here that the author has provided two different examples of evidence to support their original claim. If this is ever the case when you are writing, you should do the same, backing up both of your two pieces of evidence individually, and tieing them back into your thesis statement.

Final example...

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In the example above, commentary is used simply to connect the thesis to the evidence provided. We can see obviously from the example that Billy and Crystal are passionate for the game just by looking at the commentary provided at the end.